Contestants, Participants: Dance India Dance Season 3

Mithun Chakraborty Mithun Chakraborty

Role:Mithun Chakraborty

Geeta Kapur Geeta Kapur

Role:Geeta Kapoor

Remo Dsouza Remo Dsouza

Role:Remo Dsouza

Terence Lewis Terence Lewis

Role:Terence Lewis

Jay Bhanushali Jay Bhanushali


Saumya Tandon Saumya Tandon Role:Host

Stars / Cast

  • Mithun Chakraborty

    Actor Name:Mithun Chakraborty Mithun Chakraborty
  • Geeta Kapoor

    Actor Name:Geeta Kapoor -
  • Remo DSouza

    Actor Name:Remo DSouza -
  • Terence Lewis

    Actor Name:Terence Lewis -
  • Paul Marshall

    Actor Name:Paul Marshall

    With his breezy Bambaiya (Mumbai) attitude and dripping chivalry, this cool hip – hopper of the season has the right proportion of talent and positive attitude. Paul has been training dance aspirants for a while and has also assisted Dharmesh Sir before the urge to come alive on stage got better of him. Paul's classical hip-hop routine during the Mega Auditions has been one of the best performances so far in this Season. On being asked by Mithun Dada about how he felt being a performer after being backstage all this while Paul said that the one tip that he used to give all his students is to look into the Master's eyes and give a 'faadu' performance…but confesses that when it was his turn to face the camera, he went numb and developed cold feet while performing in front of the Masters. Paul is a self taught dancer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and idolizes Prabhudeva and DID contestant, Dharmesh Sir. One of Paul's lesser known talent is that he is a very good painter and he wants to open a dance mall in the future.

  • Urvashi Gandhi

    Actor Name:Urvashi Gandhi You can't help but notice her striking good looks and charming personality. The Mumbai girl is a trained Mohiniattam and Latin Ballroom dancer and has been an assistant to DID contestant, Jay Kumar Nair. Even a faint whisper of any Michael Jackson's track is enough to pep her up and start grooving. Apart from dancing she is an animal lover, loves to eat and sleep and hates getting up early in the morning. Urvashi not only wants to become a dancing star but also a dance therapist. Cure through dance…quite interesting!!!
  • Abhik Bau

    Actor Name:Abhik Bau

    This Mumbai lad is all of 17 years which makes him the youngest contestant this Season. He is a trained Kathak dancer and has been assisting celebrated choreographer, Saroj Khan for the past 4 years. The youngest contestant in any season is smothered with love and affection and Abhik is no exception. The young Kathak exponent's comfort level lies in freestyle dance and it does not come as a surprise that his dance idol is none other than Hrithik Roshan. He wants to emulate his idol and become an actor and choreographer in the future. Abhik believes that a dancer has to have an ear for music to have a sound understanding of rhythm and beats. The young kid loves to study which is an unusual fetish for a person of his age.

  • Shafeer

    Actor Name:Shafeer

    Shaffer has some 'x' factor in him which sets him apart from the crowd. Grandmaster Mithun Da could not take his eyes off his clean movements when he did a robotics infused locking and popping during the Mega Auditions. He is from Thrissur (Kerala) and runs a dance class for a living. He has no formal training in any dance form but has learnt Kalaripayattu which helps him maintain the required poise and control his breathing. Prabhudeva is his idol & Shafeer specializes in Hip Hop. Shafeer wants to become a choreographer, gain financial freedom and expand his dance school called Dynamic Heroes in Thrissur.

  • Mohena Singh

    Actor Name:Mohena Singh Mohena Singh, Princess of Rewa (Madhya Pradesh), has probably become the first royal blood to take part in any reality show. During the city auditions Mohena had shocked everyone by saying that her father, Pushpa Raj Singh is the Maharaja of Rewa which makes her a Princess by default. She did a brilliant contemporary act on Jane tu mera kya hai from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na at the Mega Auditions and bagged accolades in plenty from Grandmaster Mithun Da and all three Masters. Mohena's training in Bollywood routines, Hip Hop and contemporary has helped her to secure a safe place in the competition. Mohena has been a part of Master Terence's dance academy for the past six years, specializes in Bollywood form of dance and idolizes Bertwin D'souza and Beyonce. In her free time, the Princess loves to cook, wants to travel the world, learn exotic dance forms and open up a dance academy in Rewa.
  • Sneha Gupta

    Actor Name:Sneha Gupta Sneha G with her unruly curls is wild on stage but otherwise she is a quiet and coy girl who prefers to sit at a corner and be lost in her own world whereas Chulbuli Sneha is a motor mouth who loves to interact with anyone and everyone. According to Terence Sneha G has the fire in her which can burn the dance floor. Sneha G specializes in Hip Hop and Belly dancing, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez being her inspiration. Infact her goal is to become the Indian Shakira, Sing while you dance. She hails from Ghaziabad
  • Riddhika Singh

    Actor Name:Riddhika Singh Terms that can be associated with Riddhika are chirpy, bubbly and restless! She is the girl next door Delhi girl loves watching movies, hanging out with her friends, posing for and clicking pictures. Pop Diva Madonna is her idol and her aim in life is to raise the benchmark of dance in every way possible and spread the message to all the people especially the ones residing in smaller towns that dance can be a viable career option. She specializes in Jazz and contemporary form and has taken professional training under the able tutelage of Ashley Lobo. She has been a professional dancer for the past 5 years with numerous national and international shows under her kitty. Her experience as a professional dancer makes her one of the hottest contenders for the coveted Sunheri Taqdeer Ki Topi.
  • Piyali Saha

    Actor Name:Piyali Saha

    Hailing from Siliguri (West Bengal), this pretty, quiet and affable lady is the best classical dancer in this Season. She undertook training at Upasana Dance School under Mrs. Ranjita Bose and is currently pursuing masters in Kathak. Piyali is a diehard fan of Madhuri Dixit and loves to experiment with different cuisines. She wants to become a professional international dancer.

  • Rajasmita Kar

    Actor Name:Rajasmita Kar

    Rajasmita can be called a versatile genius in the true sense of the word. This lanky lass from Bhubaneshwar (Orsissa) has not only mastered various dance forms but has a natural proclivity for creative pursuits like panting, singing, clay modeling and designer embroidery. Rajasmita is a surprise package this Season because she is one of the best hip hoppers amongst the lot…it's especially interesting as it's a dance form which has till date enjoyed male domination. One of her candid confessions is that she had been smitten by Chaalbaaz Sridevi's charm which acts as an added impetus to take up dance as a way of life. Rajasmita wants to go back to her hometown to open a dance institute and teach young kids. Such noble thoughts will definitely help her walk that extra mile.

  • Sneha Kapoor

    Actor Name:Sneha Kapoor

    Bengaluru based Sneha Kapoor is a trained Salsa expert and choreographer, having been successfully trained by Lourd Vijay and Richard Tholoor. She has a permanent rod in her right leg following an accident that she had met with a few years back. But that did not deter her to fight back against all odds and pursue her passion for dance. She bagged the second runners-up position in the prestigious World Salsa Championship. She has a dream of opening up a dance institute and spread joy in the world through dance.

  • Pradeep Gurung

    Actor Name:Pradeep Gurung

    Do not judge him by his small frame…Pradeep Gurung is a compact powerhouse of talent. Hailing from Guwahati, Assam he stays away from his family in a rented apartment in the same city and is a dance teacher by profession. Happiness, content and pride are all reflected on his face when he speaks of Suneeta Gogoi, DID 1 contestant and Jeetumoni, winner of DID Li'l Masters – the two students whom he had trained before they became superstars on previous seasons of DID. He has had no formal training in dance apart from watching his teenage idol, Michael Jackson on TV and youtube. Pradeep has not met his family for a very long time because he had taken an oath that he will not step into his paternal house till he proves to himself and others that he is not a loser in life. Hope the DID platform becomes his window to success and unites him with his family.

  • Vaibhav Ghughe

    Actor Name:Vaibhav Ghughe

    Vaibhav Ghughe is dancer who can do both Latin ballroom as well as street dancing with equal aplomb! He is a quick learner and is a natural at picking up complicated steps easily. He dreams of becoming a Bollywood star one day. This self taught dancer from Vadodara specializes in freestyle dancing and according to Geeta Kapur, is one of the most consistent performers this Season. Vaibhav proved to be a fighter when he battled dengue during the auditions but never gave up or lost hope. He is already a star on television but hates spending time in front of the idiot box. He would rather step out, play cricket or spend time with his friends.

  • Sanam Johar

    Actor Name:Sanam Johar This Dilli Ka Puttar had never dreamt of becoming a professional dancer till a year ago when he started contemporary lessons. Sanam's story will remind you of John Lennon's immortal statement – Life is what happens to you when you busy making other plans. Sanam was a hip-hopper till he joined a professional dance academy, Indian Fernando Ballet Company and found his niche in modern contemporary dance. He is currently pursuing his graduation in Physics honors from Delhi University (Hindu College). Sanam is quite the charmer and is a hot favorite with the ladies. Good looks coupled with graceful dance moves has already made Sanam quite popular in the team. Apart from being a fabulous dancer, he is also a good singer and loves to spend time with his family. Unlike other kids of his generation, he hates spending too much time on the internet.
  • Varun R

    Actor Name:Varun R

    Bangaluru boy dropped out of college as he wanted to pursue his passion for dance. He is a trained contemporary dancer. Terence was so surprised watching him that he said that he could not figure out how he manages certain steps on stage with so much élan. Master Terence thinks that Varun is truly a gifted dancer. Varun lives by the simple axiom that practice makes a man perfect. He is a perfectionist and does not give up till he himself is satisfied with the outcome of an act. Dedication and a cool head over his shoulders are his biggest strengths. Hrithik Roshan is his idol and he wants to become a dancing star cum actor.

  • Hardik Rawal

    Actor Name:Hardik Rawal Life has given Hardik a second chance and this time he is not leaving any stone unturned to make the most of it. Master Geeta had to bid him a teary farewell in the second season of DID 2 when he could not make it to the Top 18. Hardik returned to his hometown Ahmedabad and started his own dance academy - Avayukt Academy of Performing Arts - which he plans to make it really big in the future. His students forced him to give DID another shot. Hardik takes this to be his last chance to make his mark as a performer. Before becoming a trainer himself, he was taught professional dancing by Santosh Sagvekar at Remo D'Souza's dance institute. Freestyle is forte and he also loves martial arts and performing stunts.
  • Chotu Lohar

    Actor Name:Chotu Lohar

    Chotu Lohar is a 23 year old mine worker who breaks stones for a living in Bhubaneshwar (Orissa). He caught a glimpse of the first Season of DID at a friend's place and was hooked onto the show. He started learning Hip Hop by watching content on television and internet. His friends and relatives encouraged him to give DID a shot realizing his talent and penchant for dancing. Chotu first auditioned for DID 2 and found a place in the Top 36 but could not make it to the final 18. He was disappointed but did not give up perfecting his dance moves. Master Geeta Kapoor had asked him to shift to Mumbai and learn from a renowned Master if he was absolutely sure of making a career in dance. Paying heed to the Master's words, he moved to Mumbai and enrolled himself in a reputed dance coaching institute. He learnt krumping, locking, popping and Bollywood style of dancing and came all prepared for DID 3 auditions this year. The judges were not only surprised but shocked to see his improvement at the Auditions and had no reservations to confidently declare that he is “BORN TO DANCE”. Chotu managed to bag the Taqdeer Ki Topi and is raring to prove to the world that he is definitely D +(Dance Positive)!

  • Manju Sharma

    Actor Name:Manju Sharma Coming from Benaras (UP), Manju had the fire in her belly to prove that if you are talented you can make it big anywhere in the world. Manju is a trained contemporary dancer and has been teaching a small batch of 50 students in her hometown. Her dreams include being a star performer graduating to a choreographer and then expanding her dance school Aura to every city in India.
  • Lipsa Acharya

    Actor Name:Lipsa Acharya

    Lipsa's Bollywood number mesmerized everyone at the auditions. This Vadodara based dancer was trained by Dharmesh Sir at his dance academy D – Virus. She admits that her dance idols are Remo and Dharmesh Sir. Lipsa is a tomboy, loves to eat and play outdoor games. Crack a good joke and she will laugh with all her heart. She describes herself as a simpleton with basic needs in life with a clear aim of wanting to become a choreographer.

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